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Jungle Restaurant

Located in the beautiful area of the Qurum Natural Park, Muscat, Oman, The Jungle is a novel casual restaurant created along the tropical rainforest theme a midst lush foliage.

The restaurant offers a unique opportunity to experience the natural elements atypical of a rainforest- rain, thunder and lightning along with the sounds of a roaring dinosaur, chirping birds and other animals as you walk through it.

The food provided from lunch to dinner is as vibrant as its theme. The finest delicacies of Asia, Europe, Middle East and Americas are prepared by expert chefs using quality ingredients.

The Jungle boasts 100 seats with an amazing and distinctive décor that matches perfectly with the ambience and theme of the restaurant.

Come and experience the unique dinning destination of the Jungle Restaurant, call for a reservation today.

+968 9428 1824

Qurum, Muscat